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Questions and Answers

• How long does it take to ship a order?
Depending on your order we should be able to ship in 1-2 days. Depending on shipping you should be able to get your order in 3-5 days.

Do the lines come with backing?
No, because different spools hold a different amount of line.

Do you sell fly hooks?
We sell what we have online. Look for more products to come soon.

Dennis, It has been almost a year since my father and I went with mike on a sauk river trip, but i am finally ready to get new gear. I have a few quick questions for you.

1. Does the yancy line w/tips include a floating tip?
No, The Floating tip is a nice idea, but horrible in application in all the single handed multi-tip lines I have thrown. I could explain why but it has to with density and turnover. We knew a floating tip wouldn't cast well, so our Yancy line only carries and floating line with the type 3, 4, and 6 sinking heads.

2. What is better about the yancy system than the Rio multi-tip system?
Our heads are a little faster, but its the flat mono running line that really makes it easier to cast. The configuration allows the angler to spey cast this line......something the Rio in the single hander was not designed to do. We compare the Rio and Airo flow lines with our Yancy, in all our steelhead schools.......We let anglers see for themselves.

3. With price in mind i am looking at three reels. Ross Cimmaron, Okuma Integrity large arbor, and Tioga 8, how should i decide which one to get, what do you think of these, and what can i get away with for salmon and steelhead?
These are all adequate reels, but the best reel for the job is the Tioga 10 LA. It will hold 150 yds. of 30# backing, plus the Yancy line. Works great.

4. I am trying to decide what rod to get, but price is a concern. I want a good strong 8-weight that has medium to fast action that doesn't cast like a slug, what are your suggestions, and also somebody recommended the sage discovery series 9.5 foot 8-weight as a good rod (~235$) what do you think of this rod, are there better choices?
There is several great rods out there.........but this is not one of them. We have a 10 ft. 8 wt. custom build for just a little more......specifically built for the Yancy line. We can talk about that. Also: The G Loomis GLX, or GL3, Sage XP, Winston, Orvis, and the fast action Scott are all good sink-tip rods.Thanks very much for your help and I look forward to buying these items from you through
And thank you for coming by, D

What brand of hooks do you use on your flies?
We use Mustad hooks for now but will be switching to Gamagatzu.

I'd like to purchase the FLHS fly line. I don't have a Pay Pal account,
but I do have credit cards. So, how do I do this?
If you would like to order using a credit card use paypal, it is easy to get an account. Just click on the things you want and when you are done ordering paypal will walk you through the process of how to set up an account. It's all the info you would have to fill out when ordering anyway. The next time you go to use paypal all you have to do is give your email and password and they remember the rest. If you don't want to go that route you can order at 1-425-330-9506 or send me an email with your order and receive your package C.O.D. Please be sure to leave a contact phone number if you leave a message. The fastest way is paypal.

Any other Q's just Email us.