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Mike,We were on the Bulkley for 10 days, and I was able to hook 14 steelhead and land 5. Not bad for a beginner with a single handed rod. The Yancy Multi-tip lines were a blessing. The shoulder wasn't bothered one iota. My buddy was using a Rio system and I was fishing a lot more than him. He was false casting way too much. FYI the line I bought worked great on the St. Croix Elite 10' for 7 weight.

Thanks for your help and a good product.

Steven M

I took the new lines out for a test run yesterday on the Snoqualmie. The 5 wt. floating line system was a special treat........ I showed it off with my fishing partner casting downstream from me, matching his spey distance. He became very curious, stopped fishing to watch me work my new toy. Now he wants one too.

Dennis & Mike:
I took my new line out for A test drive yesterday.This line is nothing short of wonderful. I can cast A long way with A normal fly line. In fact like I double hauling; partly because it feels good when you're in the rhythm and then you launch A big one and too because it is no small accomplishment it's kind of like you have arrived and now you are A man. But this Yancy line is great. I was banging 90ft. casts or more with nearly no effort and I could have done it all day long. Mending was A real concern too. But this line performed very well. After A 60ft. cast I could mend my line all the way back to the shooting head moving the belly section and all.

I know this has been quite A process with phone calls and emails trying to match schedules. Dennis thank you again for taking your time to be with me on the river. I am able to single spay and go right into my cast without dropping my line on the water and that makes me feel better. I don't feel like I am spooking fish, this was all done on A left hand river for what that is worth. Thank you Mike for sitting on A street corner in A strange town waiting for someone you have not even met.

This weekend was about what will this line do. Next weekend it will be about fishing and catching fish. I know it will take me to the next level.


The Yancy system ROCKS! My buddy bought it for me for my bday. Used
it on the Alagnak River in Alaska....caught about 50 fish a day - EASY. ;)

Thanks again!
-0 Dave

I casted the FLHS last night in my backyard and was amazed at the distance the thing can shoot on a single back cast. So, I better add the Neah Bay digger too.

Thanks for all your help. Don

How's business? Very happy with the Yancy so I am going to try the floating system for my 6wt. Hope the fishing is good. It has been awhile since I have been out. Maybe I'll get out this weekend for some steelheading. I should have ordered this sooner! Take it easy.

Later, Dave

Thanks for the info, Mike. Really looking forward to getting acquainted with my new lines later this month on the Deschutes. I plan to leave my Sage spey at home this time.



I had a great time fishing with your Dad on the 13th (first ever steelhead on a fly!), and am very jazzed about being on the Grand Ronde River with you and him in October. The floating line system is GREAT.


Fished egg imitations for 2 1/2 days with only jacks. Put the cop car on at 2:00 today and 3 casts later hooked the bottom, the bottom started to head for Puget sound. Took me 10 minutes to get the Yancy flat mono running line back on the reel and another 10 to get the fish in. Glad to see the cop car in the jaw of the fish when he came in.

May keep the old 9 weight after all.

See you Friday.

Thanks Mike... hopefully those new lines will help me get it on the fishes' nose and more hookups. The Floater distance was awesome...long way from the amnesia I used to play with years ago.

Tight lines, Joe

Well you described your Mrs Black to me in your e-mail and i tied one up (yes I said one) I know it's dumb to tied one of anything but I have tried so many flies that don't work I didn't want a bunch of them without knowing if they work of not...Well I used it yesterday (Saturday) late in the day and got 1 Steelhead and 7 really big trout..Got back in the water at daybreak Sunday and 4 casts and steelhead on made 4-5 casts and had another one on This one bit me off and Mrs Black was gone..Well it was a good day until the fly was gone then the day was over couldn't find another thing they would take in my box and I haven't had any problems getting fish to bite this year until today...


I bought a Yancy line for my bro-in-law for Christmas. It looks
like a great line and that it is put together well. I am anxious to try
it out when he and I go fishing next. I already own the NB Digger and
while I didn't get as much saltwater time this summer as I hoped, I
really liked it. I have never had a line that would pull a light drag
when the line tightens after shooting it. I guess that means I could
have cast it a LOT farther. Thanks.


Hello Mike and Dennis,
First I just want to tell you how awesome your web sites are for newer fly fisherman like me. Last week I decided to take my 5yr old and 3yr old fishing with me on the lower skagit near our farm. On the second cast I hooked the 1st of 8 dollies in half an hour on the eggsucking cop car -They just hammered it-Never seen anything like it. Although most of them were only 14-16 inches I'll never forget watching my 5yr old and 3yr old
reel them in-They loved it.

Sincerely, Fred DeVries

Thank you for all the info, and tell your dad thanks also. If he wants to read
this email for kicks, he helped me hook 3 steelhead in 2 days with the
learning I got in the class, the yancy line, plus some good flies,

Thanks again Dennis and Mike

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