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Yancy Line Multi-tip Fly line system.

For years, anglers have cut and chopped their fly lines, trying to find a Fly line they could cast their sinking heads without wearing their arms out, by the end of the day. Double handed rods became the rage. These spey rods were wonderful casting tools, but we still missed the feel of fighting the steelhead on the lighter single handed rod.

Yancy Salenjus, Mark Winningham and Dennis Dickson all independently began playing with this single handed rod, spey cast, concept. Yancy and Mark came up with the forward belly design, Dennis improved it with the flat mono running line, and progressive heads used in the multi-tip system. This line is line a skagit line for a single handed rod. Dennis and Mike Dickson guide over 200 steelhead days a year, and they fish these lines exclusively.

The beauty of the system is if you already have a multi-tip, you can keep your sinking heads (as long as they are around 15 ft and 8-10 wt. heads) and just buy the Yancy line. Bottom Line, these lines catch fish. You can either spey cast (use a modified version for a shorter rod), traditional over hand, or Dickson's "modified spey". "Far and easy" would describe it well.

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You will need your own heads for these lines. 12 - 15 ft. preferred in a 9 - 11 wt. line. I like T11 sold below or Rio's 15 ft. heads sold in most fly shops. A sink type #3, #6 and #8 are used the most.

Yancy Fly line8/9wt.
Info: Designed for a 8-9 wt rod
Price: $59.99
(Tax and shipping not included)

Yancy Fly line7/8wt.
Info: Designed for a 7-8 wt rod
Price: $59.99
(Tax and shipping not included)

Floating Line Head System

Finally, a floating line head system that allows you to cast longer with fewer false cast Load and Shoot: The FLHS allows you to load and shoot a longer cast in barely more than a single back cast. How did we do it? We played with lines that would load the rod quickly. This is a line for a 5-8 wt. rod. We over load the line 2 sizes and use a WF 30 ft. floating head and annealed this floating line to a high tech flat mono, running line. (This line is unlike anything on the market) Zero stretch for hook setting, low memory and when it gets wet (unlike most Fly line running lines which get sticky) this line gets slick for long smooth casts.

How good is it? Though it was designed for the Grande Ronde steelhead Dennis took it to B.C. and rose some 39 steelhead in 9 days. These boys averaged twelve pounds and he landed fish fish to nearly twenty pounds on his single handed rod! All on the FLHS. Try it you will be amazed.

See what others say about the lines

Floating Line Head System 5/6wt.
Price: $53.99 (Tax and shipping not included)
Floating Line Head System 7wt.
Price: $53.99 (Tax and shipping not included)

Floating Line Head System 8wt.
Price: $53.99 (Tax and shipping not included)


Custom link tip 7/8 IPS T11
This line is just like T11. Its sink rate is 7/8 inches per second. 11 grains per foot. Great for spey lines, shooting head lines, multi tip or versi tip lines. Order a custom size for the perfect length of your setup. Made with a loop.
To order a custom size: Place a order of the closest length longer than what you want. Once you place the order you can leave a message in Paypal with your order and/or send us a separate email with the desired custom length.

8 ft sinking line
Price: $
10 ft sinking line
Price: $
12 ft sinking line
Price: $
15 ft sinking line
Price: $